Car AC Repair Service in Dubai

Assume driving a car without AC in Dubai’s scorching weather and trying to reach a distant location. Experiencing such a situation is far more terrifying than it looks. Non-functioning AC is not only inconvenient to drive but also dangerous to passengers. Such situations might be caused by any type of leakage or poor service.


Why need a car AC repair in Dubai?

Several factors can create problems, including an accident, a broken cooling pipe fitting, and low pressure in the compressor filter. As quickly as possible that your ac is not working, you must locate a qualified car AC repair service in your area. If your car is really not working right or has completely stopped, please contact us immediately once. All of our services are supplied by certified professionals, and we use the most up-to-date infrastructure to ensure the highest possible quality.


Some situations in which you might require expert car AC repair in Dubai

  • The air conditioner isn’t pumping chilly air
  • The air blow pressure is low
  • The car AC refrigerant fan is making annoying sounds
  • The unpleasant odor is caused by the AC vents.
  • Compressor gas leakage


To keep your cool, all parts of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, such as the evaporator, condenser, and compressor, must be serviced on a regular basis. If your vehicle isn’t cooling as well as it once did and smells musty owing to the presence of odor-causing bacteria, it’s time to have the skilled specialists at Carzilla Auto Service inspect the air conditioning system and do the car AC repair service in Dubai.


You can book using the app or our website, which is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. You can relax at home while we work on your car’s AC. Make a reservation for the best and most convenient car AC repair service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at ServiceMyCar for increased mileage and engine efficiency.

What’s Included

  • Oil 5W30 (Free Promotion)
  • Oil Filter
  • Collection & Delivery
  • All Fluids Top-Up
  • Tyre Check & Air Pressure
  • 360-degree Health Check
  • Reset car service Light
  • Computer Diagnostics Report
  • AC Checkup
  • Brake Check
  • Car Wash
  • AC Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Air Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Spark Plugs Replacement (Labour)
  • Oil Filter Replacement (Labour)
  • Oil Change (Labour)
  • AC Filter Air Filter Spark Plugs

Pickup and Delivery

6 Month Parts and Labour Warranty

Dedicated Service Advisors

Free Car Wash With All Services


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