In which areas are you available?
We provide all of our services in the United Arab Emirates  

Can I reschedule or cancel a request/booking?
Truly, you may cancel/reschedule a request/booking by reaching us on our contact details. You may likewise drop a request through the application. Charges shall apply for any services conducted on/for your vehicle before receiving your reschedule/cancel request.  

What if my car requires parts?
If your car needs any extra service that may require a spare part, you can either choose to use the original parts provided by the car manufacturer, or the reseller’s exchange parts which we will recommend.

When will I get my car back?
It depends on the nature of the work. If it’s a straightforward job, the car will be ready the following day. If longer time is required, our service team will update you and advise how long the repair will takes.

What is wrong with my Brakes?
The brakes are one of the most significant parts of your vehicle. Keep in mind, when your service technician suggests any brake repair, it must be done as quickly as possible to avoid any kind of risk. Regardless of whether you need a basic brake review, brake pad replacement or work on the brake plates. We prepare our experts to deal with different models, and our costs are frequently lower than you can find at an independent garage.  

Is my car safe at the Garage?
Yes, all the registered network on our system are guaranteed, and each member of our team is qualified to deal with your car.  

How often should I check my car’s fluid levels?
Beside motor oil, there are many different liquids imperative to the strength of your car. A few models incorporate the transmission liquid, brake liquid, and motor coolant. Their levels are influenced by how as often as possible you drive and extreme temperatures as well. In such cases, specialists recommend checking them simultaneously at the time of car service.  

How much is the pickup and drop off service costs?
FREE! When you book through our website or Mobile Application for any minor or major service repair, we will pick and drop your car. You can Skip the traffic and never to wait in the car repair garages any more.