Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions represents a legal agreement (The “Contract” or “Terms and Conditions”) between you (“Client”, “you” or “he”) and Carzilla Auto Service Broker LLC (The “Carzilla”, “we” or “us”). By using our associated web/mobile applications and the services included within provided to you by Carzilla (The “Services”), you hereby expressly acknowledge and agree to abide by the Contract, and any future revisions and additions to the Contract as stipulated at https://www.carzillaz.com or through its application/services. Any major or minor adjustments may be made at any time and you are advised to review the Terms regularly prior to accepting any service. Continued use of our web/mobile application/services after any such adjustments shall constitute your adherence to such changes.The Regulations expect you to provide certain data to Carzilla and its service providers before you make a booking of any service. By using Carzillaz.com or its mobile application you confirm that you both understand these Terms and Conditions and that you agree to abide by them.

These Terms and Conditions contains the following:

Definitions and Interpretation

In these Terms and Conditions, except if the setting requires, the following articulations have the accompanying implications:

Client: A person who is 18 years old or above, who gets any of the Services of Carzillaz.com or its mobile application. Receipt:A written or printed bill, acknowledging your payment for the services you have received from Carzilla. Cost: The selective expense payable for the accomplishedServices, includingany extra charges if any. Warranty:A written or printed guarantee, issued to the Client by Carzilla, promising to repair or replace any defects in the car, or that the car will be of a certain quality, within a specified period of time.

Booking and Registration

If You demand a booking for your service, through Carzilla’sMobile App, orWebsite; we will require from you to register and provide us with the following data: The details of the Services required to be done for your car your contact details including your phone number, location, and email address Your car details, such as: the model name,the model year, the car insurance, etc...

Upon registration; we will confirm the booking to you and carry out the services as early as possible.

Payment and invoice

Any expenses that we may charge you for the Services, shall be done swiftly and are non-refundable. We shall keep the Client’s carsafe and clean, until he his outstanding bill is settled. Carzilla will provide you with an invoice stating theentire services done along with the full details of whatsoeverconsidered a service. Carzilla maintains all authority to decide the final price. As the valuing data published on the Website and Mobile-app, may not reflect the prevailing pricing. Carzilla may at its sole discretion, announce a limited time offers with various highlights and rates to any of the Clients. And such offers, except if it was made to a specific Client; will have no bearing on any other Client’s offer or any agreement with Carzilla. By the time of confirming the booking, we will just charge you for the service package, excludingcar parts which may cause an extra expense. Upon accomplishing the freecar checkup, we will send you the detailsand prices of the parts required to be placed and/or exchanged, and the cost for any extra service your car may require.

The Service

We shall inform you before we start the Service, what is the estimated timeline to carry out the required service. If we expect parts that are necessaryto carry out the service, and such parts are not accessible at the time we have consented to begin theservice related to that part;then we will highlight this matter to you and inform you, when do we expect the partsto be accessible. And we will update youregarding the new deadline. If we find during the service process that we have to use extra parts and/or service, we will just order the extra parts or carry out the extra needed service process, based on a prior approval provided by you stating your consent to carry out the work in the way we see it right. We will give you a revised proposal/invoice ofany extra expenses and time, that shall be a resultofthe extra parts and/orservices. You shall be responsible to remove all of your possessions fromyour car before we receive it and start the car service. And wewill not bear any obligationtowardsany loss of any of yourbelongings in thecarthatyoudid not remove at the time of pick up. In case we have replaced any parts of the car, we will make the first parts accessible to you bythe time that you collect your car. If we cannot carry out and complete theservice because of non-accessibility of parts or a delay in the delivery, we are responsible to inform you, in order for you to re-book the servicebased on the accessibility of the parts, or you mayrequest to drop theservice, as per your privileges.

Delivery Policy

If the client has used our valetservice, and the car needed an additional fuel at any point during the delivery of the services, thenthis would impose a fuel overcharge apartfrom other help charges.

Promotional policy

The special code is legitimate temporarily. And we maintain theauthorityrequired to adjustitor drop it without prior notification. Each limited time code applies just to qualifyadministrations. It typically shows details in the progression. The limited time code does not have any significant bearing to pre-orders, except if showed. If the progression has a minimum purchase requirement, charges do not have any significant bearing toward the minimum purchase amount. If you cancel the services bought using a special code, we shallsubtractthe limited time code from your return credit, if any.


If the car is under the Manufacturer’snew car guarantee, anti-perforation guarantee or rust/erosion guarantee at the time the service is carried out, we will carry out the entire service process in a manner that sticks to the terms of those guarantees and the Manufacturer’s determinations and documentation, using a Manufacturer-approved parts. We will not be capable or at risk for any failure to conform to any guarantees where you have not informed us earlier regarding such guarantees’ rules.


We may sub-contract any of our commitments under this contract, as long as we guarantee that any sub-temporary worker we may use, is the only important asset to accomplish the service,and we will not charge any extraamount without your prior consent.

Warranty and guarantee

We will be eligibleto void the guarantee, if you didnot provide us with a proof of the mileage of the car at the time of pick-up. Ifyou have mentioned that a part needed to be repaired, as opposed to be replaced, the guarantee will just apply to the parts that will be replaced and mentioned on the invoice, and not 0 On the repaired parts. If you have mentioned that a part needed to be reconditioned or repaired,then the guarantee does not apply to any electrical things fitted to and/or within the Gearboxincluding but not limited to, temperature sensors, speed sensors, valves, etc... We shall offer you different Types of help and assistance for Business use/purposes, that doesn’t apply on other Client’s use/purposes. The Warranty applies personallyonyou, and is not transferrable.

Insurance Policy

We will not be responsiblebefore you or any other third party for any loss or harm you endure due to your inability to adhere to our and/or Manufacturer’s guidelines. We will not bear any responsibility towards any loss of benefit, loss of business, interference to business or for any loss of business opportunity. We offer several types of help and assistance to you just for your own and private use/purposes as a Client.


If you cancelledthe service request afterCarzilla’s team have started the requiredservice, then you have to pay for all work and parts we have accomplished/used,thatwe have alreadyrequested;and probably not going to have the option to use or sell within half year. After you settle all the due amounts,you will receiveyour Vehicle within 7 days. The parts thatwe have requestedbutyet not used, will remain our property. We may use or discard them as we see fit without charging you for their cost.

Entire Contract

The documents involved in thiscontractbetween you and us, contain the whole understanding between the Parties regarding its main topic, and may not be adjusted unless both the Client and Carzilla’s assigned representative signed a hard copy contract. Both of the Client and Carzilla recognize that, by signing this contract, neither you nor us give any guarantee or other arrangement aside from what isexplicitly agreed upon within this contract.And all conditions, guarantees or different terms inferred by resolution or customary law are prohibited to the furthest reaches allowed by law.